Mobile Apps

We are glad to announce that we have completed and launched our mobile applications for Available for both Android and Apple iOS. They can be downloaded from the Google Play store or the iTunes store. The mobile apps can be installed on your smart phone or tablet. Allows you to instant message your friends.Includes support for voice and video chat also.


We completed an upgrade to the software this morning. You will now see a chats widget at the bottom of the website that will allow you to communicate instant with your friends.Feel free to test the audio and video options that are built in to this new chat feature. YES !!! Our IOS / Android applications are on their way !!!!

v2 Auto

This morning we completed a few software upgrades to We currently have around 300 members and 48% are in the United States. To combat spam and in-active users, we have created a special group of users. Users in this group are stale, but have an active and verified account. Starting today if you don't login at least once every 15 days then your account will be moved in to this stale group. If you don't use your account for more than 15 days, all you have to do is login to your acc…

Security / Personal Info

Folks, Please be advised that PITSDC monitors this website content very close. If you find any content that is not appropriate for the site or if a user doesn't seem to be a real person, please report the user/item and someone here will review the situation. Also remember never to give out your phone number, personal email or other contact info. Do all your communication through We are looking to expand our features to include voice chat in the future. Questions/Comments, please…

Affiliate Program

We are now offering an affiliate program for the website. You do NOT have to be a member. You can be rewarded for referring new members to us. A flat $0.25 USD per member who signs up using your referral link will be commissioned to you. We plan to expand the commission to include membership plans in the future allowing you to generate recurring commissions. This is all tracked in real time inside you the affiliate section at We have graphics and l…

Scheduled Software Update will have an software update on June 10, 2017 at 2 am EST.Update shouldn't take very long and the site will be up before 5 am.


We are happy to announce the launch of the classifieds section to the site.
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