This morning we completed a few software upgrades to

We currently have around 300 members and 48% are in the United States.

To combat spam and in-active users, we have created a special group of users. Users in this group are stale, but have an active and verified account.
Starting today if you don't login at least once every 15 days then your account will be moved in to this stale group. If you don't use your account for more than 15 days, all you have to do is login to your account and within a minute your account will be moved back to the regular user group. We made this change to limit user results in searches to only members who are active on the website.

There will also be approximately a few hundred FREE accounts in the system per country. The number of FREE accounts will vary based on country and system needs. The system will automatically fill FREE positions that are open every 15 minutes. Remember the entire site is FREE right now, but there will always be these FREE slots based on the country. We are planning on having the system send an email notice when your account automatically takes a FREE country slot.

That being said if you have a FREE country slot and you don't login to your account for 15 days which makes your account stale, it would be possible for you to loose your FREE slot.
It is very important that you keep an active account to maintain your FREE account.

All new users starting this morning are in a 7 day trial group. After the trial period is over the account is moved to a standard group. Once in this standard group, the system may move the user to a FREE country slot if one is available or the user may upgrade to a paid membership when paid subscriptions are available in the future.

Please report any issues/concerns to [email protected]